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Composer for television, film and games



Nik Ammar is an award-winning composer and songwriter who has composed for numerous TV programmes and films including:

Tom Kerridge's Fresh Start, Dirty Weekend, Winnie The Witch and Wilbur, Time For School, Terry Wogan and Mason’s Great Food Trip, Cutting Edge, The Truth About..., Where In The World, James Martin’s United Cakes Of America, Paranormal Witness and the BAFTA-winning Our Family. 


In addition, Nik has supplied soundtracks and additional music scores for many other TV series such as Sons Of Anarchy, Shameless, Reign, Elementary, The Vampire Diaries, Six Feet Under, Panorama, Come Dine With Me, Location Location Location, Home And Away, Hollyoaks, Gardener’s World and Dragon’s Den, as well as music for the season 7 Game Of Thrones trailer and contributing to video games such as World of Speed and Project Cars 2.

His professional music career began as an instrumentalist and songwriter in the internationally acclaimed band Oi Va Voi, working with a variety of artists including KT Tunstall and Annie Lennox, and even performing for HRM The Queen at St James' Palace and by private invitation for Ewen MacGregor

After completing 4 albums with Oi Va Voi, Nik moved into creating original music for TV and Film as well  for the renowned theatre company Oily Cart. 

His work was quickly noticed and he went on to write and produce numerous adverts and trailers for Sky, National Geographic, ABC, FOX, Discovery, The History Channel, Nickelodeon, EPSN, and the British Film Institute.

Nik’s scores have been described as charming, balancing romance, humor and tension seamlessly. He creates unique and original scores that continue to defy categorisation and blur the boundaries between musical genres.

In 2019, alongside esteemed peers, Nik judged the Ivor Novello Best Television Soundtrack Award.


Disney's Maleficent: Mistress of Evil | "Darkest Twist" Spot

Paranormal Witness S5E3 - They Are Mine (2016)

Paranormal Witness S5E4 - The Contract (2016)

Tom Kerridge's Fresh Start (2019)

24 Hours In The Past (2015)

Dirty Weekend (2013)

The Director (2018)

Metastasis (2014)

Winnie The Witch (2019)

Change your negative nerves into positive energy - BBC

Where In The World (2017)

Terry and Masons Great Food Trip (2015)

James Martin's United Cakes of America (2013)

Evolution Of Evil (2015)

Cat Wars (2014)

Rise Of The Nazi Party (2014)

Our Family (2015 -)

Time For School (2014)

Panorama: The Secret Drone War (2012)

Shameless (2013)

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 16 "Where Somebody Waits For Me" Promo (HD)

Reign 1x04 - Hearts and Minds (2013)

Ancient Black Ops (2014)

CIA Declassified (2014)

Secrets Of The Bible (2015)

World War II In The Pacific (2015)

The Vampire Diaries Promo 3x19 (2012)

Pas Très Normales Activités (2012)

The Dressmaker (2015) Official Trailer (Universal Pictures)

The Vampire Diaries Promo 4x02 (2012)

ShopGirl Blog (2012)

Game of Thrones S7 Trailer (2017)

Desierto Official Trailer (2016) - Gael García Bernal

Aveeno Ad (2010)

Hachette Partworks 'Best Loved Recipes' (2012)

Life is Strange - Launch Trailer (2015)

Six Feet Under (2005)

Nintendo 3DS XL Mario Kart 7 (2012)

Memory Of The Camps (2010) WARNING: Contains disturbing images

One Old Man's Afternoon (2006)


The Evening Standard

“Memorable and melodic songwriting skills.”